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Dr.-Ing.Jürgen C. Neumann

Dr.-Ing.Jürgen C. Neumann

“The best part of being a business coach is in creating an exciting environment for the executive to gain personal insight and develop fresh ideas on how to successfully advance the business and inspire trust and confidence in all stakeholders.”

All business legitimacy revolves around the concept of acceptability, sustainability and successful growth. The working relationship with a professional business coach enables the executive team or individual executive to strike the balance of overriding company interest and personal aspirations.



Following graduation from engineering and business school, Jürgen started in international plant engineering and construction. He then moved to a globally renowned consulting firm for six years of top management consulting in Europe and the US before he resumed work in international engineering. There he held top management positions with international scope for 25 years.
He continued on this level as senior advisor to a logistics group on international acquisition and business integration. Since he left operative management, Jürgen has remained an active member on several supervisory boards, nationally and internationally, and has also headed consulting projects in his areas of expertise, logistics, M&A and plant engineering. In addition, he runs his own energy brokerage company.
Understanding that each client has different capabilities and his ability to transform them into unique resources are part of Jürgen’s talent as an executive coach. He recognizes the advantage for mastering a range of leadership styles and management concepts and the need to constantly adapt the balance between attention to the strategic dimension and operational processes. Jürgen challenges his clients in particular to appreciate the dynamic relationships within the top team and between management and the supervisory board and how to be successful in negotiating the political arena at the top.

Professional Expertise

Jürgen’s extensive international management experience enables him to create strong development programs with top managers and executives. His tactical approach combines a business analysis with decision-making power, and pairs it with diplomacy and empathy. Jürgen seeks to encourage his clients to broaden their perspectives, focus their priorities, and cultivate a greater sense of confidence.


Jürgen speaks German, English and French fluently and has a good working knowledge of Italian and Spanish.



Education, Qualifications & Professional Positions

Master of Science (engineering), University of Hannover

PhD (thermodynamics), Université D’Orsay, Paris

MBA, Institut d’Administration des Entreprises, Paris

Founding member of the German Energy Saving Association

Member of the German Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC)

Member of the Tönissteiner Kreis in the Federal Association of German Industry


Mob.: +49 (0)171 223 82 74

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