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Gerd Zwerner

Gerd Zwerner

“Coaching for me means to be both a challenging and supportive sparring partner. By asking the right questions I trigger the leader's desire to learn and stimulate the ability to continuously raise his or her leadership capabilities”

The key to develop first-class leaders in a strong and growing business is taking the executives to a new level. Working to establish trust between top executives, as well as being able to build leadership confidence in all employees is the main element in enabling a company to achieve the best.


Gerd Zwerner has over 35 years of experience in executive positions. He graduated from the University of Hamburg with a degree in economics. Subsequently, he has worked with a variety of organizations, specializing in the field of medical technologies. In 2002, he took his management practice to the next level and engaged in consulting activities, before joining Praesta Germany in 2006.

As an executive for one of the top three global players in medical equipment, Gerd Zwerner worked his way to the top, excelling in sales and marketing. After more than ten years as a top manager, Gerd Zwerner took on the responsibility of Senior Vice President for the company’s German Medical Systems activity. He was responsible for expanding the corporation into Eastern Europe and restructuring the company within Germany.

Building on many years of experience in leadership positions, Gerd Zwerner shifted his talents from operative management into executive coaching. He has advised managers and executives in a range of businesses, from start-up companies to  global corporations. He is an avid listener, thinker, and modernizer, whose passion is to develop top managers for the future.


Professional Expertise

Gerd Zwerner has experience both as senior executive in a multinational corporation with a truly global business and related management practices, and as advisor to young start-up companies, which makes him an ideal coach for businesses confronting rapid and profound change.

Gerd Zwerner works in German and English.

Education, Qualifications & Professional Positions

Diplom-Volkswirt (economics), University of Hamburg

Member of Management Committee Europe, Philips Lighting Division

Senior Vice President, Philips Medical Systems

Member of the supervisory board, Innovative Medical Technology Center, GmbH

Advisor, CardioSignal GmbH, and Planungsgruppe


Mob.: +49 (0)171 551 94 26