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Executive Coaching Management System

While the use of Executive Coaching is thriving, Human Resources is increasingly challenged to respond to these questions:

How can we check the benefit of coaching on individual leaders’ performance?

Can we demonstrate the impact of Executive Coaching programmes on the overall strength of our leadership bench?

How do we manage external Executive Coaching programmes effectively?

The time has come to retool the use of Executive Coaching in the corporate world. It is time to use this as a significant talent development strategy focused on specific measurable outcomes for the individual, senior leadership and the organisation.

Executive Coaching is one area of the talent development budget where the ROI is very difficult to assess. However, coaching is a process which can be monitored and outcomes quantified. When outcome data are gathered over time, coaching can then be targeted strategically to increase the overall bench strength of the executive leadership team.

We know how to measure:

The overall strength of your leadership bench

An executive’s progress in developing new leadership skills

The effectiveness of individual executive coaches

This systemic overview can also provide answers to such questions as the following:

How ready is the executive team to actually execute the strategic plan?

What are the execution-related strengths unique to the company’s senior leadership bench? What are the gaps?

Given the current business circumstances and the strategic plan, which five or six execution readiness dimensions will be most needed to execute the plan?

How strong is the current leadership bench on these specific dimensions?

How deep is the leadership pipeline?

Given known retirement plans, combined with the growth and innovation the strategic plan assumes, will the leadership pipeline deliver enough talented and skilled executive leaders?