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Gabriele Siggelkow

Gabriele Siggelkow

“Strength of conviction is inspiring.”

It is my passion to support people in developing the courage to explore their deep convictions. In this process we are confronted with courage and boundaries, opportunities and concerns. Succeeding this process brings individuals to measure and eventually deploy their full potential – to your own benefit and that of your company.



Gabriele is a born Berliner, and following her bank traineeship, has studied education, German language and mathematics there. At the same time she worked at one of the major German commercial banks.

On its behalf, after the fall of the wall, she initiated and led a unique development program to train East German professionals with a degree in economics in banking, thus jump starting the coverage of this new market.

In the subsequent years Gabriele developed her career in the field of international HR, working mainly for mid size international companies in IT and Agrobusiness.

Gabriele became VP HR, where she focused more and more on strategic projects geared to adapt to and benefit of the global market place. She covered all relevant topics in Personnel and Leadership Development and internal communication, closely watching the impact on company culture and engagement of staff at all levels.

Interacting increasingly close with the CEO and board members as their business partner made Gabriele shift her focus on working with leaders at C-suite level during critical passages of their career and business challenges. Combining her psychotherapeutic knowledge, her professional coaching competence and her executive HR experience she now supports executives and managers in all issues of talent and executive development, with a clear focus on coaching leaders and their teams.


Professional Expertise

Based on strong analytical skills a detailed review of the actual situation (challenges, concerns, goals, opportunities, ...) is the beginning of any support to self development. Clarity is a precondition for sustainable change.

Gabriele works both on a one-on-one basis and supports management teams. She has worked with senior executives from German and international companies, with clients in senior executive positions on level 1 to 3.

Gabriele coaches in German and facilitates workshops in both German and English.


Education, Qualifications & Professional Positions

Banker, Germany

MA (education, German language, mathematics), Free University, Berlin
Management education, MZSG Switzerland
NLP, NLP-Institute Berlin
Psychotherapist, Gestalttherapy, GIHamburg
Psychometrics: certified in MBTI®
Global Head of HR


Mob.: +49 (0)151 54793627