PRAESTA - Leaders in executive development


Executive Coaching

As leaders in the field of business coaching well before anyone called it by that name, Praesta coaches are experts at working with senior leaders, accompanying them through challenging times in their leadership journey. Our Executive Coaching approach is targeted on converting insights into value for both the executive and the organisation.

It Begins with Data

Our data-gathering process is rigorous. It is a powerful process that pulls together all the threads of beliefs, motivations, and experiences executives have used to build their careers, enabling them to examine and update their winning formulas.

Charting a Course

We work together to turn data into insight, then convert insight into a plan to help them be brilliant leaders. Throughout the coaching programme we provide counsel, feedback, and access to creative resources that will increase his or her leadership edge.

The Measure of Success

Metrics are a part of each individual leadership development plan. We continually revisit commitments made in the development plan so that we can help the leader maintain momentum. We also can benchmark the leader’s progress against other leaders in your organisation or field.