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Coaching Skills for the Effective Leader

In a world where increasing volatility, complexity, ambiguity and unpredictability challenge traditional leadership roles, leaders must find a way to embrace, embody and champion the development of a coaching culture that opens up the space for all to engage with their full potential. By bringing Executive Coaching skills to a higher level, core features of productivity will shift fundamentally. Acquiring coaching skills is a powerful lever towards achieving that goal; helping leaders to question and clarify their leadership behaviours and think deeply about what they do and why.

In partnership with the Academy of Executive Coaching (UK), Praesta offers programmes and support for development of coaching skills. We provide executives with the skills, knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to embed well-grounded coaching skills into a mature leadership style and increase the ability to discover and seize coachable moments, wherever this makes a difference to the way they contribute to the company’s success. The core concept of execution readiness is the centrepiece connecting these two dimensions.

We use our unique way of coaching leaders to be a coach and work with leaders to

develop their own style;

manage the essential processes that surround coaching;

establish the 'coaching contract' and manage stakeholders and boundaries;

structure and deliver coaching conversations with requisite skill and confidence;

draw upon a significant body of psychologically grounded coaching skills to promote the achievement of performance targets and stimulate coachee development;

know when to coach and when not to coach;

develop self-awareness and avoid the temptation to advise, solve or help;

and understand ethical guidelines and standards.

Praesta's work in this area is also applicable for building an internal coaching capacity that emerges from the executive ranks, and hence is closely connected to the key strategic and operational processes.