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Next-Generation Human Resources

The need for Human Resources to be a true strategic partner, adding value to business performance, has never been greater.  The scope and scale of globalisation, the complexity of radical business and organizational transformations that require support, and the pressure to ensure that sustainable organization ability is in place through brilliant human capital solutions are but a few of the challenges.

In most cases now, Human Resources finally has a seat and voice at the top-team table, but what is it really bringing?  The shift from simply being a solid administrative contributor to practicing strategic talent management as a lever to drive business outcomes is in full swing.  Is your HR team in on this?

Drawing on years of international experience with Human Resources, Praesta offers programmes and services that focus on critical skills and capabilities needed in Human Resources to meet the new challenges. We work with you to

increase capacity to function as strategic trusted advisors to your organization's leadership,

align your services with business execution and organization strategy,

identify levers to high performance,

and deploy consulting and facilitation approaches that accelerate commitment and buy-in to solutions.