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Women in Business Leadership

The case for greater representation of women in senior positions has been well established.  The current challenge is to identify what will truly drive the needed changes.  Based on our many years of international experience, Praesta offers a portfolio of services that address the issue from two primary perspectives:  the organisational context and the individual woman executive.

Building a receptive culture

Many companies realize that they need to take a hard, objective look at the way their current management practices and culture affect the development and promotional opportunities for high potential women in their organisation.  Praesta has a strong track record of helping companies create a culture in which talented senior women can thrive.

Supporting the development of women

To optimise their value to the organisation, women must have the drive as well as the skills and experience to pursue opportunities that are available to them.  Through our work with women we have distilled a number of development areas that are critical to avoiding derailment and building sound, successful careers that equip them for the most senior roles.

Praesta's experience in assisting companies develop their senior women is unmatched. By addressing both the receptivity of the organisation and the development of high potential women, we offer key support to any company that genuinely wants to improve its capacity to hire, develop, retain and promote talented women.