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Leadership Team Development

In today’s business world, the context of leadership teams and, in particular, top teams is characterised by

high pressures of the competition and rapidly evolving business models;

broad complexity due to a multitude of stakeholders and the influence of the regulatory bodies;

diversity of individuals, orientations, value systems and culturally influenced preferences; and

low face-to-face contact combined with high interdependence, especially for virtual teams spanning across the globe.

It is a strong challenge for leadership – but not of the old style. The era of CEOs single-handedly running the corporation is in the past. At the top we see more and more leadership teams emerging as an effective way to cope with the array of expectations and tasks of running the corporation.

Leadership teams are made up of strong personalities. These leaders are fully accountable for achieving the best results in their area of responsibility and at the same time need to be good team players, collaborating with their peers.  Seasoned individual players must engage constructively with the differences of opinion and divergent interests typical of every top team. How do they control this challenge in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity, reinforced by the frequent need to integrate new members into the team?

Praesta has a track record of working with teams in international and global companies, providing a well-grounded approach to coaching teams that has proven effective for leadership teams.  We support them to develop focus and alignment in four areas:  shared purpose and ambition; identity and values; individual and shared capabilities; and team operating principles.

Good teamwork requires that individuals transcend their current ways of leading, following, behaving and relating in order to enhance individual and collective performance. Team coaching enables executives to lead and deliver a business outcome; to fulfil the greater purpose of the organisation.