PRAESTA - Leaders in executive development


About Us

Building on his experience creating one of the first coaching firms in Germany in 1999 where he pioneered work in the field of executive business coaching, Martin Harder founded Praesta Deutschland GmbH in 2006 and merged with Praesta International Ltd.

Praesta stands for a team of partners, who combine many years of hands-on experience at the top of international companies with professional coaching competence. The expertise of Praesta is expanded by partners with specialist expertise in Human Resources transformation, organisational development and leadership training. They are familiar with the situations facing today’s leaders, and address concerns by employing their solid and far-reaching experience.

Praesta brings together a diverse group of individuals, working together in a truly collegial atmosphere and sharing their commitment to the highest professional standards. We believe that more needs to be done to formulate and bring to life transparent and relevant standards for executive business coaching. For this reason, we are actively engaged in the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and adhere to its professional standards and guidelines.

Being a part of Praesta International Ltd. gives us the scope to be trusted advisors to companies confronting the transformational challenges of globalisation, and to accompany their leaders on their individual leadership journey. They choose us because we are good at what we do - helping senior people rise to challenges and raise their game.

Our experience, scale, ethics, professionalism and commitment to quality make us leaders in executive development. Our presence in so many countries equips us to work across continents and cultures, as well in our own back yards. We can effectively deliver global programmes as well as work with the business next door.

For our global network, consult the Praesta International Website.