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Berlin - Head office

Französische Straße 12 10117 Berlin Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 30 20188341 Fax.: +49 (0) 30 20188575

Martin Harder

Martin Harder

Following his studies in Sociology and Economics, Martin spent several years working as a project manager in the EMEA region. From there, he moved to consulting in change management and organizational development, working mainly for large companies and international groups. This experience led him to focus on executive development.

Martin has been engaged in executive development since 1999, and specializes in working with  international clients. He founded his own coaching firm in 2005 and merged it with Praesta International Ltd. in 2006.

As VP Standards of the European Coaching and Mentoring Council EMCC (Germany) (2009-2014)Martin contributed to clarifying the standards of coaching and raise the level of professionalism in coaching.

Martin works in German, English, and French language.

Mob.: +49 (0)177 634 56 73

Christiane Hotz-Firlus

Christiane Hotz-Firlus

After obtaining a combined degree in Engineering and Business, Christiane initially worked as an executive consultant, and then as a project manager for a venture capital firm. She switched to a funded company, where she occupied the position of CFO, and oversaw the Finance, Administration, and HR departments. After the company went public in 1997, she also managed the Investor Relations departments. In 2001, she took on another CFO position.

In 2006 Christiane started her current coaching career. Her work with senior executives benefits from her leadership experience, her continued responsibility on several supervisory boards, as well as with various business associations. (e.g. German Chamber of Industry and Commerce).

Christiane coaches in German and English language.

Mob.: +49 (0)171 2325824

Gabriele Siggelkow

Gabriele Siggelkow

After a bank traineeship followed by a degree in education, German language and mathematics, Gabriele started her HR career within a large German bank. Always focused on strategic projects she worked as VP and then as Global Head of HR for international companies in IT and Agribusiness. She supported sustainable growth and culture change of the companies and especially M&As.

20 years of experience in strategic and operative HR management and leadership have influenced her executive coaching processes in all industries, mostly focused on self management and leadership.

Gabriele coaches in German and designs and facilitates workshops in German and English.

Mob.: +49 (0)151 54793627


. . . . Tel.: +49 (0) 30 20188341 Fax.: +49 (0) 30 20188575

Dr.-Ing.Jürgen C. Neumann

Dr.-Ing.Jürgen C. Neumann

Following a degree in Engineering and Economics, as well as a PhD, Jürgen started his career in plant construction within the energy industry. He spent several years with one of the large international consulting firms, and then became VP Controlling of an international company. Since then, he has gathered over 20 years of international top management experience, carrying the operative responsibility for various plant construction sectors. As part of a strategic expansion of a major German plc, he was responsible for European acquisitions and their integration.

Jürgen uses his experience to coach and advise across different industries, and continues to play a role on supervisory boards.

Jürgen coaches in German, English, and French, and communicates also in Spanish.

Mob.: +49 (0)171 223 82 74

Frankfurt / Main

Taunustor 1 60310 Frankfurt / Main Germany Tel.: +49 (0)69 50 50 60 4-580 Fax.: +49 (0)69 50 50 60 4-150

Dr. Friedrich Belle

Dr. Friedrich Belle

Friedrich completed a bank traineeship, followed by a degree in Economics, a PhD, and a certificate in controlling. He began his career in banking in a large bank in southwest Germany, and ultimately served on its management board for several years. Subsequently he became VP in a large international consulting firm, CEO of a hospital operator with a staff of 14,000, as well as interim manager (Directeur Général) for a private bank in Switzerland.

A combined 30 years of experience in strategic and operative management, and as consultant for medium-sized companies, provide a perfect basis for his executive coaching work in various industries.

Friedrich coaches in German language.

Mob.: +49 (0)160 846 40 69

Marion Michels

Marion Michels

Already during her studies in management Marion Michels started working in a global IT-company. Having successfully managed several important projects and added another diploma in information science she continued her career in the telecommunications industry.
As director of HR she initiated culture change projects and later as VP IT-systems, her tasks included to (re-)engineer business processes and IT-systems.

Today Marion Michels leverages her broad experience in change management and leadership development as OD-consultant and executive coach, in divers industries.

Marion Michels coaches in German and English language.

Mob.: +49 (0)172 6922156


Neuer Wall 10 / Ecke Jungfernstieg 20354 Hamburg Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 40 822 15 3000

Gerd Zwerner

Gerd Zwerner

Gerd completed a degree in Economics, and joined an international technology company, where he gained broad sales, marketing and general management experience. For the last ten years in active management, he has held a senior vice president position with global responsibilities and played an important role in various industry associations. Later, he has been consultant to startup companies.

Today Gerd focuses on coaching executives, in addition to being member of some advisory boards.

He works in German and English language.

Mob.: +49 (0)171 551 94 26


Freiestrasse 17, 8032 Zürich Schweiz Tel.: +41 (0)44 260 28 28

Christoph Epprecht

Christoph Epprecht

After his studies in economic and political science in St. Gall und Zurich Christoph Epprecht's international carreer alternated between consulting and management functions in corporate. In between he also headed an HR-consulting firm. On this broad background in various countries and different industries he started in the nineties focusing on change management and executive coaching and has since explored many facettes of this field.

In addition to coaching he is also lecturing at several universities in Switzerland, Germany and Estonia on topics of leadership, intercultural management, coaching and entrepreneurship. Christoph is a leading member of the EMCC and currently chairs the EMCC chapter of Switzerland, as well as contributing to the research committee.

Christoph coaches in German and English.


Mob.: +41 (0)79 414 91 41